Combined Gordonvale Cottage Markets and Pyramid Race

As you would have all seen by now, the September Gordonvale Cottage Markets have been combined with the Pyramid Race.

As a result of combining the events and the new risk assessment carried out, there have been a few changes to our usual schedule for the Gordonvale Cottage Markets to reduce the risks to everyone involved.

  • All stalls to be setup and vehicles to be off the grounds before 7:00am (stallholders that usually park behind their stall can do so as per usual, but take note of the bump out times below and the restrictions in place).
  • Mill Street will be closed off with traffic control present. As a result, you will have to go around the park and enter the stallholders parking via the entrance on Gordon Street (See image below).
  • Stallholders can choose any one of the bump-out times below that best suits their needs on the day. There is no need to register for a bump-out time.

Bump-in and Bump-out

Bump-in: 5am to 6:45am.

12:00-12:30pm Bump-out: No vehicle access during this time, stallholders wishing to leave can do so but will need to carry their equipment out of the park on foot to their vehicle. This includes stallholders that usually park behind your stall. If you need to leave at 12:00pm, please remove your vehicle before 7am as you will not be allowed to drive on the park at this time.

2:00-2:30pm Bump-out: Stall holders wishing to leave at this time will be able to drive onto the park and collect their equipment. Keep in mind however that there will still be a number of people around at this point and you will need to follow all directions and drive extremely carefully.

4:00pm Bump-out: The remaining stallholders can drive onto the park and collect their equipment.

Pyramid Race Event Schedule

7:30 am Welcome to Country

7:45 am Great Pyramid Race – race briefing


8:30 am SOLAHART 1800m Junior race

11:00 am Piccones Edmonton IGA Charity Fun Run

11:30 am Dash for Cash

12:30 pm Presentation to Great Pyramid Race winners & 1800m

1:15 pm Hon Curtis Pitt MP 3km race

2:00 pm Half Pyramid Race

2:15 pm Race to the Base

4:15 pm Presentation to Half Pyramid Race winners 3km & R2B, Monster Raffle draw.